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Melbourne Museum of Printing

Our Organisation


The Melbourne Museum of Printing is a registered not-for-profit organisation. Its status has not yet been upgraded to "incorporated".

That this has not yet happened is related to the cost of the legal and other processes involved, and the non-availability, at this stage, of sufficient committed and knowledgeable persons to form a board.

In the interim, the Manager of Australian Type Company, Michael Isaachsen, serves as the Honorary Director. The financial administration of the Type Company is now conducted as a sub-set of the accounts of Museum.

The effective functioning of ATC and MMOP is as of a single not-for-profit organisation, with ATC putting all its profits into the museum. The Manager/Director has worked in an honarary capacity since the Museum was formed in 1992.

Numerous volunteers assist the work of the Museum from time to time. It is always a problem to find sufficient interested people. This has been made worse by our recent (1999) unwanted move into storage where all the "behind the scenes work" must continue but without the benefit of having visitors and students around.

The Museum should eventually become self-supporting, with revenue from its classes and access programs. But for now we are depending on a few individuals who are putting more than a fair share of their own resources at risk by covering the Museum's expenses.

We would be ready to restart at least some of our classes: the "Professional Development" workshops, being in small groups, could be offered even in our storage premises.

Companies are encouraged to send their staff to these classes to discover the origins of their craft.

The Director would be glad to hear from any person wishing to volunteer their services or become involved in other useful ways.

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