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MMOP on Facebook [not quite up-to-date]

Recent facebook posts cover MMOP as a filming location: go down for lots of other pictures and comments.
Note that on the timeline most pictures are cropped to square. You can see the full images, and their commentaries, if you click on one of them, taking you to the viewer.

from YouTube
Alex Reinders' take on MMOP when he visited as crew for a doco."
Type Camp International visited MMOP with about 15 participants and
three leaders. Simon Robertson setup his time-lapse movie.
Lainie Yeoh: hand typesetting. Alan Holliday, a volunteer, helping.
Lainie Yeoh: visited MMOP on the 2009 open day.

MMOP FACEBOOK PAGE, there is a 2005 video (76 seconds) of the
Linotype machine in action at MMOP. It shows the intricate
operations of the assembly, camshaft, metal pump and distributor.

Google Images

This gives a long page of images and comments, the first 100 or so are
mainly about MMOP, then more and more mixed up.


For a different angle, here are a few of MMOP's own images

People having fun and learning at MMOP, and more detail on some machinery.

You will also find a link to our film making page.


A plain search on Google, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo or others will reveal the 
hundreds of pages with some reference to MMOP. Some of these of course 
are just aggregating our own material.

But many are designers, universities and museums around the world 
who like something about us. Our "glossary" is one of our drawcards, 
for example.

See our famous glossary.

Sakura Nomiyama 16

Sakura, from Japan, was a regular volunteer and prolific printer at MMOP 
during her studies at Monash.
====================================================== (175)
(2 pages)  (the first 26 images, up to "REZO VERSOS" are from a letterpress 
organisation in Argentina)

Many pix are from the MMOP open day in 2009

3 pages, thumbnails, many duplicates. 67 pix

similar. 309 images. some overlap.

larger images selected at random. 


visited mmop on 20090211 (writing on Briar Press)
he has 175 items of mmop
====================================================== [set up for MMOP search]

This site is a database of photos in flickr. This search should
give you around 300 pictures in a single page. Click on any to
enlarge. Many of these would have been included in the
(above) flickr searches.
(May not work well unless you are signed in to Pinterest)
(Free, just your email and a password)
about 30 images pinned from visitors' files
MMOP seen during a film shoot: shows many parts of the Museum

[due to being my first Pinterest Board, the images are in reverse 
order :: best to start with the last one!] [I didn't know how hard 
it is to rearrange the board.]


David and colleagues undertook PD training at MMOP. Great pix and
relevant comments.


Meliors Simms, a lady typographer from NZ, spent some time at MMOP and
produced amazing results. This blog recounts her time in Australia
(mainly at MMOP)


Some great black and white pix, well lit.


from Stephen Coles, an international expert on typography
Stephen attended Type Camp at MMOP in 2012.

Stephen's message:
Aussies: Melbourne Museum of Printing has one of the best collections
I've seen in any country. See it and support it!

By Nick Gadd, a Melbourne writer and documenter.

A warm and detailed description of an experience at MMOP.

Nevolution: February 2009

My hunch was further compounded when I saw the Melbourne Museum of 
Printing logo in the bottom, which not only confirmed my suspicion. 
I feel proud that ...

Tegan Farrugia : Freelance Graphic Designer ...
I visited the Melbourne Museum of Printing in Footscray yesterday 
and it was great, I highly recommend typography enthusiasts, 
print designers, and anyone ...

A student from Chisholm Institute tells what she learnt.

A designer from Canberra visits MMOP for Type Camp.

Another student from Chisholm Inst recounts the class visit and their initial shock when the roller door opened.


Tara was volunteer at MMOP while visiting Australia:

"(I) worked with proofing presses and Linotype machines. Learned about
the process and history of letterpress printing."


A lengthy blog on Anthony Freeland's visit to MMOP as a member of a 
Graphic Students' Workshop with other students and their teacher. 
It is a warts-and-all account of the experience. 
{Some good has come out of his criticisms.}


Another member of the lady craft group. Her blog says whow she felt about the Museum visit.

====================================================== INSTAGRAM Sarah Gross recalls her visit to MMOP to produce the entree cards for an AGIdeas event. ---------------------------------------- several contributions from visitors ---------------------------------------- digitaldoesntcount Sam O'Leary.cylinder press [pic] relevant comments by others ---------------------------------------- a photo blog. Several MMOP images and his appreciative comments. [Daniel also blogs about calligraphy.] ---------------------------------------- An MMOP search on Instagram will reveal images from another organisation MMOP named "Makamae Melia O' Polynesia" [Beautiful but irrelevant] ======================================================

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