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What is the Melbourne Museum of Printing?

Although just now re-starting after years of unsatisfactory storage and numerous moves and disruption, this is the world's most comprehensive collection of machinery, artefacts and documents relating to the craft and business of printing and related industries.

Apart from our public programs (two afternoons per week) we also offer our Access Studio for the use of artists, writers and enthusiasts for text printing by traditional methods.

At this stage, the Museum is wholly operated by volunteers. When revenue permits a part-time coordinator will be employed but until then, the volunteers have to coordinate themselves.

Do Something Useful


The Museum is always glad to hear from persons willing to help us perform our task. The Australian Government agency, Centrelink, accepts the Melbourne Museum of Printing as an approved provider of volunteer placements. Senior volunteers are especially welcomed.

Although development of a "specialty" within the Museum is encouraged, it is hoped that all volunteers will be willing to undertake "general duties" as needed especially when visitors are present. A Volunteer applicant must have good references and be a "team player".

Basic training is given in traditional printing and museum operations. Specialised training will be given for those who wish to develop particular interests.

Regular volunteers may apply for reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses and meal allowances. Hot and cold drinks and snacks are free to volunteers.

Volunteers are covered by a Volunteer Insurance policy as recommended by Volunteering Australia.

Examples of duties:

Volunteers are encouraged to be multi-functional, to be at ease with a range of tasks. But many will wish to have a specific task to get back to when general duties are out of the way.


Get a detailed understanding of traditional methods of printing, experience the operation (and development) of a museum. There are opportunities to visit other museums. Gain confidence in the workplace and in dealing with a wide range of visitors.

All regular volunteers are eligible, and indeed encouraged, to make use of the Access Studio for some enjoyable printmaking for themselves.

For those who are in the job market, the Museum will provide a statement of volunteer service and if appropriate a letter of reference.


Then visit the Museum (opening days on our General Admission page) for a look and a chat.

Or call or email our Volunteer Coordinator (with your phone number, please) to arrange a special visit. See details on our Contact Page.


For a chance to take part in a challenging research project involving the future of public versus private transport, check out Balance Research Association.

This is a project directed by Michael Isaachsen in the public interest. Issues include the true and total cost of transportation, equalising subsidies between road and rail, how will society cope with four times today's transport task? Duties may include a lot of reading; liaison with other researchers, academics, transport organisations and transport users (mainly businesses); preparation of papers and reports, maintaining the website.

Volunteering Victoria is a clearing house of information about volunteering. If the positions mentioned above don't appeal, and you'd like to find some challenging voluntary work, give them a call.

Check out Volunteering Victoria

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