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Melbourne Museum of Printing
Educational Programs
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Explaining the Linotype

Educational Programs

- The history of printing is the history of everything -

Graphic Students' Workshop : five hours, up to 20 students accompanied by one or two teachers.

Recommended for students of subjects like graphics, DTP, media studies, writing and editing (secondary, and early tertiary).

The Roots of Printing : A full day with letterpress, max 8 in class.

A professional development day for those in the graphics industry. See how it all began. Also suitable for teachers and keen students of typography. Successful completion qualifies to use the Access Studio to compose type and print by letterpress.

Two Days with Letterpress :The Roots of Printing workshop combined with a day in the Access Studio to print your project.

A package deal is offered, with a (modest) discount for booking the Roots of Printing and the Access Studio at the same time. See the Two Days page.

Two Days learning, planning, typesetting and printing your work without a computer. Beat that!


A full day with a bookbinder. Understand both traditional and modern methods for folding, sewing, making covers, and putting it all together.

Then put that all into practice (under guidance) by making your own hard-cover book of several sections of paper, or a non-traditional binding. Stamp your title in gold onto the book or a label.

Keep in touch!

Certificate in Typographic Perspective : 2 week course

Hands-on experience of typesetting (with moveable types and mechanical typesetting (Linotype and Ludlow)), printing on hand press and mechanical presses, folding and cutting. Tailored to individual's needs.

Gain our "Certificate in Typographic Perspective"

Other Training Options

Let us train you in any aspect of traditional print crafts.

When you fondly contemplate an old book, printed before 1900 or so, consider the formation of its words. Every letter will have been picked and set-up by hand, at around 2000 per hour of labour.

It was done like this for hundreds of years. We would like to show you how.

Maybe you can do it yourself in our Access Studio!


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