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Footscray, Victoria
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Footscray Theme

Footscray, Victoria


Footscray is a suburb, or locality, about 5 km from the centre of Melbourne City. It is part, and in fact the foundation, of the recently renamed City of Maribyrnong.

The Melbourne Metropolitan area, covering some 15 to 30 km from the city centre, has a population of nearly 3 million: Maribyrnong's population, as one of the municipalities within the conurbation, is around 100,000.

Footscray is well served by public transport. It has a large, if declining, heavy industry sector, many schools and the Victoria University of Technology.

A thriving `colony' of artists has sprung up in old factories along the edge of the Maribyrnong River. They have formed a grouping called `Maribyrnong Artists' Precinct', to coordinate an annual celebration of arts and artists in the area.

The Melbourne Museum of Printing is a focal point for some of the artists. Its location in the artists' precinct is fortuitous, as it was there before them (in its earlier incarnation). Many of the artists have been using the Museum's `Access Studio' to produce a range of posters and other items for the M.A.P. celebration.

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