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Ludlow Typograph
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Ludlow Typograph

Ludlow Typograph



The Ludlow is a slugcasting machine. In this it is similar in its output to the Linotype.

But where the Linotype composes the mats by keyboard action, the Ludlow operator composes the line of mats by hand from a matrix case, similar to a typecase.

This is of course slower, per line, than keyboarding. But there is less waste of time in changing faces and sizes.

The Ludlow was (still is) used for headlines and display lines, but it can also produce type right down to the smallest sizes.

It is a very versatile machine, simple to use and maintain. It is likely to outlast the Linotype in production uses. There are still plenty of them is use in Australia.

The museum has about 10 Ludlows.

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