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Thompson Mats in Our Collection
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Thompson Typecaster Matrices

Thompson Typecaster Matrices

In Australia, this kind of matrix seems to be called `Thompson', or `American mats'. Many of the boxes carry the label of Monotype. This is presumably Monotype USA. They carry series numbers quite different from the British Monotype matrices common in this country.

The Thompson matrices can be used on the Monotype caster with a special adapter.

It seems that quite a lot of these American mats came to Australia with the US Forces who were stationed here during the Pacific War. Did the US Forces bring their own printeries?

There were very few Thompson Typecasters in Australia, as far as known now. The Museum would like to receive further details about this.

Our collection is about 70 sets. Many sets seem to contain occasional replacement mats of more recent construction. These seem to be nickel plated, and the series details are not stamped on but roughly engraved.

You may wish to consult our List of Thompson mats, but at the time of writing it is only an outline.

Information Sought

As with every aspect of printing, we would always be glad to receive information about any aspect of Thompson / USA Monotype mats.

In particular, we have no information on the specific processes used in the manufacture of mats. How do they start off? How many steps, and what are those steps?

How many factories ever made Thompsom mats? How many still do so?

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