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Linotype Mats in Our Collection
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Linotype Matrices

Linotype Matrices

Linecasting machine matrices are generally interchangeable between the Linotype and the Intertype, and were made by a number of third parties as well as the machine makers.


We have some thousands of founts [sets] of linecasting matrices in our collection. Many are duplicates. Quite a few founts are minus their set of additional mats, known as pi characters, which are needed for fully operational purposes.

Despite the sheer volume of mats, there are very definite `holes' in our collection. We have very few of the specialised book faces. We have very few non-latin faces (a few Greek and one Cyrillic).

You may wish to consult our List of Linotype mats, but at the time of writing it is only an outline.

Information Sought

As with every aspect of printing, we would always be glad to receive information about any aspect of Linotype / Intertype matrices.

In particular, we have no information on the specific processes used in the manufacture of mats. How do they start off? How many steps, and what are those steps?

What are the matrices like that are or were used in other linecasting machines? Some countries apparently had their own versions. Was there [is the still?] a Russian Linotype?

How many factories ever made linecaster mats? How many still do so?

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