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Monotype Type in Our Collection
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a Monotype fount

Our Collection of Monotype Founts

These are founts of hand-set type produced by the Monotype (and Thompson Typecaster, rare in Australia) as opposed to founts of `foundry type' produced by traditional foundries.

It is of course this `Monotype' grade which is produced in our own foundry, the Australian Type Company.

Excluding founts made by us for sale, the Museum holds a few hundred Monotype founts. Most of these have been acquired from printers closing or changing technology.

Most would be the products of firms in Australia which were set up as trade typesetters and had Monotype Compo and Super casters as well as Linotypes and Ludlows.

Some of course would be products imported from the UK and USA from firms who used Monotypes in their typefoundries and carried on an exporting business.

Unfortunately it is not often possible to trace the origins.

The Museum would be pleased to hear the names and other details of foundries which exported to Australia. (Products of Monotype machines or otherwise.)

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